Opticaddy© SATA-3 HDD/SSD Caddy Adapter Set with external USB Case for optical drive for DELL Latitude E4200, E4300, E4310 with Opticaddy OptiSpeed Technology (original Opticaddy adapter)

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OptiCaddy is a sturdy but lightweight second HDD Caddy of the latest generation made from aluminum (with great heat dissipation), with fully compatible SATA-3 electronics for maximum speeds. It features a plastic frame inside that helps to reduce vibrations of your second HDD.

This 2nd HDD Caddy lets you add a second hard disk or SSD to your computer. It features Opticaddy’s OptiSpeed Technology and weighs only 82g.

Possible OptiCaddy usage scenarios:
1) Hybrid scenario
SSD & HDD: this setup is best of both worlds. Have an SSD in your primary bay with your operating system installed on it and have a large HDD (currently up to 2 TB) in your Opticaddy to store all your photos, videos and other big files.

2) Huge storage scenario
HDD & HDD: install two hard drives into you laptop (currently up to 2 TB each) to get a combined volume of up to 4 TB in your laptop to store all your photos, videos and other big files.

Technical Details:
– new generation of SATA-3 PCD board for fast and reliable transfer speeds
– compatible with all 7mm or 9.5mm 2.5″ HDDs and SSDs
– HDD/SSD connector type: SATA (SATA-1, 2, 3)
– plug&play, no additional softwares, drivers needed
– bootable
– special frontplate to match your laptop

  • Accepts your original front panel to integrate seamlessly into your laptop.
  • Supports all SATA speeds (up to SATA-3), the negotiated link speed will be determined by the chipset of your computer.
  • Compatible with all 9.5mm or 7mm 2.5″ HDDs and SSDs
  • Has integrated screws for better fixing.
  • Use your optical drive with the supplied external USB DVD case.

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