Panasonic Toughbook CF-C1 MK2, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD Windows 7 Pro, Better than MK1


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As this is not a new Toughbook it will be subject to general wear and tear such as scratches and cracks on casing typical example in pictures below non of which affect functionality at all. Great for car diagnostics. Much superior to the MK1 in every way, Panasonic very quickly upgraded to these MK2s due to the poor quality of the MK1 CF-C1. Note for this Toughbook to run smoothly you need 4GB of RAM, 2GB is not enough. This Toughbook has a QWERTY keyboard. The MK2 has a touchscreen with digitiser and the correct pen which is essential for improved accuracy. The Intel Core i5 V-Pro processor in the CF-C1 MK2 is much much quicker being a whole generation newer and the fact that it is a V-Pro makes for an ever faster processor. This model includes a second battery for even longer operating times, batteries not warrantied but are tested and hold charge.We provide a 1 year return to base hardware warranty for that extra piece of mind.

  • Better faster MK2 CF-C1, not bad MK1
  • Important information in description below
  • Webcam, 3G, Multi-touch Touchscreen
  • 2.5GHz Base Clock, 3.2GHz Turbo Clock
  • Dual battery configuration for longer operating times