16GB KIT (2 x 8GB) For Panasonic ToughBook Series 52 (Core i5) CF-31S CF-52 Mk4 CF-53JULZK1M SX2. SO-DIMM DDR3 NON-ECC PC3-10600 1333MHz RAM Memory. Genuine A-Tech Brand.


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16GB KIT (2 x 8GB) SO-DIMM DDR3 NON-ECC PC3-10600 1333MHz For Panasonic ToughBook Series. Designed For Panasonic ToughBook Series: 52 (Core i5), CF-31S, CF-52 Mk4, CF-53JULZK1M, SX2. Will also work with many other brands and models. Genuine A-Tech Brand: A-Tech is one of the most trusted names in Premium Memory. Backed by a limited manufacturer warranty and 5 star customer support, A-Tech has you covered! Memory upgrades have never been easier. Designed specifically to help your computer run faster and smoother, an A-Tech memory upgrade is one of the fastest, most affordable, and easiest ways to improve system performance. A-Tech memory empowers your computer to achieve faster application loading times, faster system responsiveness, and increased ability to multitask and handle data-intensive programs. A-Tech modules are rigorously tested to ensure that your memory meets our stringent compatibility and performance standards. Every A-Tech ram module is tested for complete functionality before it leaves our doors and includes toll free technical support at 1-866-557-4527. Give your computer the best, trust A-Tech!

  • 16GB KIT (2 x 8GB) SO-DIMM DDR3 NON-ECC PC3-10600 1333MHz RAM Memory
  • Genuine A-Tech Memory
  • limited manufacturer warranty
  • Toll Free Technical Support 1-866-557-4527
  • Designed For Panasonic ToughBook Series. (See Compatibility List Below)