6 Pack Screen Protector for Apple iPad Air/iPad Air 2 (2013-2015 Version) Tablet WiFi 16GB 32GB 64GB


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This item is a sight for sore eyes for anyone who desperately wants to protect the screen on their all new iPad device . This screen protector has been specially cut to fit the screen of your compatible device Super thin, crystal clear material has been used to disguise the screen protector for practical use. The screen protector is also highly resistant to scratches and can easily be removed once applied so no sticky residue is left behind. A free cleaning cloth has also been included for easy application and for your convenience. The smaller and more advanced devices become the more delicate they are so this is definitely a must have item, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Three layer screen protector for the best possible results when applying the screen protector (main screen protector layer protected by two outer layers)
  • Specially made for iPad 5 (Not compatible with any other iPad)
  • Highly scratch resistant, Super thin and crystal clear for practicality, Easily removable with no sticky residue left behind
  • 6 in Pack