90W Lavolta AC Adapter Laptop Charger for Dell Latitude 15 14 13 12: E5540 E5550; E5440 E5450; E5250 E7240 E7250; E6530 E6500 E6440 E6420 E6400 E6320 E6230 E6220 E5420 E5410 E5400 E4310 E4300 E4200


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Intelligent charging
Designed to charge Dell Latitude laptop series, this Lavolta AC adapter is an effective and affordable solution for keeping your laptop charged at home, at work or on the go. It charges your notebook faster thanks to Lavolta RapidPower technology and an intelligent microchip inside keeps it safe from unexpected power surges and spikes. Lavolta chargers are guaranteed to work well and to last.

Quality that you can trust
This AC adapter has been tried and tested to make sure it works with the specified Dell models. All Lavolta products are manufactured in compliance with UK and EU regulations, including emissions and safety standards. We maintain strict control over the entire product cycle by keeping a close eye over every step of design, production, and delivery. We are confident in the quality of the Lavolta products, and this product comes with a 24-month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

✅ Dell Part# 310-2860 330-1825 330-1826 330-1827 330-1828 331-5968 332-1831 332-1833 492-BBKH 450-AAYQ DA65NM111-00 DA90PE1-00 FA65NE1-00 HA65NS-00 HA65NS5-00 HA90NM130 LA65NE1-00 LA65NS2-01 PA-10 PA-12 PA-2E PA-3E Y1H45 Y807G Y808G YT886
✅ Dell Latitude 3000 series: 3150 3160 3330 3340 3350 3440 3450 3540 3550
✅ Dell Latitude Rugged series: 5414 7204 7214 7404 7414
✅ Dell Latitude D series: D400 D410 D420 D430 D500 D505 D510 D510U D520 D530 D531 D600 D610 D620 D630 D631 D800 D810 D820 D830
✅ Dell Latitude E series: E4200 E4300 E4310 E5250 E5400 E5410 E5420 E5430 E5440 E5450 E5470 E5500 E5510 E5520 E5520m E5530 E5540 E5570 E6210 E6220 E6230 E6320 E6330 E6400 E6410 E6420 E6430 E6430s E6440 E6500 E6510 E6520 E6530 E6540 E7240 E7250 E7440 E7450 E7470
✅ Dell Latitude X series: X200 X300 XFR XT XT2 XT3 Z600 L13 ST
✅ Dell Vostro 2420 2520 3360 3460 3560
✅ Dell XPS 14 L412z L421X, 18 1810 1820
✅ Dell Chromebook 11 3120

  • Output: 19.5V 4.62A, 90W (compatible with 65W) with 7.4*5.0 mm connector| Free UK power cord included | CE, ROHS, FCC passed, tested in the UK
  • 30 days money back guarantee and 24 months warranty from Lavolta
  • Reliable and rapid charging with Lavolta® RapidPower technology
  • Genuine Lavolta laptop power supply for Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme 12: 7204, Rugged Extreme 14: 7404; X1 ; Latitude 11: 3150; Latitude 12: 7000 E5250 E7240 E7250; Latitude 13: 3340; Latitude 14: 3450 7204 E5404 E5440 E5450; Latitude 15: 3550 5540 E5540 E5550; Latitude 100L 131L 2100 2110 2120 6430u; 3330 3440 3540; C500 C510 C600 C610 C620 C640 C800 C810 C820 C840; CPi CPm CPt CPx series notebook PC
  • Replacement power adapter for Dell Latitude D400 D410 D420 D430 D500 D505 D510 D510U D520 D530 D531 D600 D610 D610U D620 D620ATG D630 D630ATG D630C D630CXFR D631 D800 D810 D820 D830; E4200 E4300 E4310 E5400 E5410 E5420 E5430 E5500 E5510 E5520 E5520m E5530 E6210 E6220 E6230 E6320 E6330 E6400 E6400 ATG E6400 XFR E6410 E6410 ATG E6420 E6420 ATG E6420 XFR E6430s E6440 E6500 E6510 E6520 E6520n E6530 E6540 E7240 E7440; L13; Z600; X200 X300 XT XT2 XT2 XFR XT3 notebook PC power supply