HP Z400 Desktop Workstation PC – Intel Xeon Quad Core CPU – Windows 7 Professional / Windows 10 – nVIDIA Quadro Graphics – (Windows 7 Pro – 16GB DDR3 – 500GB HDD)


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Why Buy Refurbished Product?

1. It is good for the environment as no energy is wasted melting down and recycling the materials
2. It is good for your wallet you can pick up a high quality Laptop or PC for a fraction of the price it would have cost when it was new. Business and corporate laptops are made to a much higher standard and will run faster than new domestic laptops.

Refurbished Product

A refurbished product is one that is returned by a customer, for whatever reason, and then restored to original working condition after undergoing an intensive inspection process by qualified technicians. The refurbished product is then offered at a substantially discounted price. Buying a refurbished item is a great way to get a great buy on an outstanding product at a bargain price. There is no reason the label “refurbished” should cause you to hesitate. Remember, the unit has been given more attention than a traditional “new” product. And the rule of thumb for electronics is: if they run, they will likely run forever! The most important consideration is simply that we back up the product with a 3 month Warranty to the extent that you feel comfortable making this purchase.

  • HP Z400 Tower Workstation PC – On Sale Now by Kelsus IT
  • Powerful Intel Xeon Quad Core (W3520) Processor 2.6Hz with 8MB L2 Cache and 1066MHz Front Side Bus
  • Be in control! Select the appropriate amount of DDR3-ECC Memory and Hard Drive to fit your needs
  • Genuine Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit
  • Windows 10 Upgrade Available, please read condition note for details!