Opticaddy© SATA-3 HDD/SSD Caddy Adapter Set with external USB Case for optical drive for Lenovo Thinkpad T440p, T540p, T540, W540, W541, W540p with Opticaddy OptiSpeed Technology (original Opticaddy adapter)

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OptiCaddy is a sturdy but lightweight second HDD Caddy of the latest generation made from aluminum (with great heat dissipation), with fully compatible SATA-3 electronics for maximum speeds. It features a plastic frame inside that helps to reduce vibrations of your second HDD.

This 2nd HDD Caddy lets you add a second hard disk or SSD to your computer.

Possible OptiCaddy usage scenarios:
1) Hybrid scenario
SSD & HDD: this setup is best of both worlds. Have an SSD in your primary bay with your operating system installed on it and have a large HDD (currently up to 2 TB) in your Opticaddy to store all your photos, videos and other big files.

2) Huge storage scenario
HDD & HDD: install two hard drives into you laptop (currently up to 2 TB each) to get a combined volume of up to 4 TB in your laptop to store all your photos, videos and other big files.

Technical Details:
– new generation of SATA-3 PCD board for fast and reliable transfer speeds
– compatible with all 7mm or 9.5mm 2.5″ HDDs and SSDs
– HDD/SSD connector type: SATA (SATA-1, 2, 3)
– plug&play, no additional softwares, drivers needed
– bootable
– special frontplate to match your laptop

Compatible with the following Laptops:
– Lenovo Thinkpad T440p, T540p, T540, W540, W541, W540p

USB external enclosure for optical drive
With this external enclosure you can use your laptop’s optical drive so externally. Does not need extra power supply, it is powered via USB.
The external enclosure is made of plastic.

  • Front panel matches the color and shape of your laptop.
  • Opticaddy supports all SATA speeds (up to SATA-3), the negotiated link speed will be determined by the chipset of your computer.
  • Compatible with all 9.5mm or 7mm 2.5″ HDDs and SSDs
  • Original Opticaddy 2nd HDD/SSD Caddy
  • Use the optical drive with the supplied external USB DVD case.