Timetec (P/N 75TT133U2R8-8G) 8GB Dual Rank 1333MHz DDR3 (PC3-10600) Non-ECC Unbuffered CL9 240-Pin UDIMM 2Rx8 512×8 1.5V Desktop PC Computer Memory Ram Module Upgrade (8GB)

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Timetec® – Memory of a Lifetime

8GB DDR3-1333 Non-ECC Unbuffered 240-Pin Module
Module Size: 8GB
Package: 1*8GB
Specs: DDR3-1333 • PC3-10600 • Unbuffered • Non-ECC • Dual Ranked • CL=9 • 2Rx8 based • 1.5V • 512×8

Compatible with (but not limited to):
*Please click image for more compatible systems model number

ASRock – Motherboard Z75 Pro3/Z77 Extreme11/Extreme3/Extreme4/Extreme4-M/Extreme6/Extreme6/TB4/Extreme9/OC Formula/Pro3/Pro4/Pro4-M/WS/Z77E-ITX/Z77M/H61M S/H61M U3S3/H61M-DG3/USB3/H61M-DG4/H61M-DGS/H61M-DGS R2.0/H61M-DP3/H61M-DPS/H61M-DS/H61M-GS/H61M-HG4/H61M-HP4/H61M-HVGS/H61M-HVS/H61M-IDE/H61M-ITX/H61M-PS2/H61M-PS4

ASUS/ASmobile – F1A55/F1A55-M/ F1A55-M LE/ F1A55-M LX PLUS/F1A55-M LX PLUS R2.0/F1A55-V/F1A55-V PLUS/F1A75/ F1A75-I DELUXE/F1A75-M/F1A75-M LE/F1A75-M PRO/CSM/F1A75-V/F1A75-V EVO/F1A75-V PRO/F2 Motherboard F2A55/F2A55-M/F2A55-M LE/F2A55-M LK

Dell – Optiplex 790 MT/DT/SFF/Optiplex 790 USFF/Precision Workstation T1650/Precision Workstation T3600

HP/Compaq – Elite Desktop 8300 SFF/CM/8300e SFF/ENVY Desktop h8-1400z (CTO)/h8-1401es/h8-1414/h8-1420z (CTO)/h8-1423/h8-1425a/h8-1438l/h8-1445/h8-1450/Pavilion HPE h8-1230/h8-1234/h8-1239/h8-1240/h8-1300z/Phoenix Desktop ENVY h9-1300t (CTO)/h9-1315t (CTO)/h9-1320t (CTO)/h9-1330/h9-1335/h9-1340t (CTO)/h9-1350/h9-1351/h9-1355/h9-1386/h9-1387/h9-1390d/h9-1421d/h9-1120t (CTO)/h9-1210t (CTO)/h9-1260ez (CTO)/h9se Series

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  • DDR3 • 1333MHz • PC3-10600 • 240-Pin • Unbuffered • Non ECC • 1.5V • CL9 • Dual Rank • 2Rx8 based • 512×8
  • JEDEC standard 1.5V (1.425V ~ 1.575V) Power Supply
  • Module Size: 8GB Package: 1x8GB • For Desktop Computer, Not for Laptop
  • For Selected Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, NEC, Samsung,For Selected Alienware, ASRock, ASUS/ASmobile, BCM, Biostar, DFI, EliteGroups (ECS), EVGA, Foxconn, Gigabyte, MSI, Saphire, Shuttle, Supermicro, Tyan Computers, Via, Zotac
  • Guaranteed – Life Time warranty from Purchase Date • Free technical support (support@timetecinc.co.uk) • MON – FRI 9AM-6PM PST